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Wattakgoda Spices

A famous name in the international market as the #1 exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon, Wattakgoda Spices is also exporting cloves and black Pepper to many countries all over the world.

Comprising an expertise to carefully select the best spices, our company holds accountability for the products we export. Creating a worker-friendly environment, the skilled workforce of the company along with the management thrive their best to bring the company to the next level whilst satisfying our customers.

Enhancing the good reputation of Wattakgoda Spices, we maintain close links with our foreign buyers, while engaged in the continuous process of spreading its wings to serve all prospective buyers. Nonetheless, Wattakgoda Spices assure the delivering quality of spices, especially Ceylon Cinnamon.

In order to provide the best Ceylon Cinnamon to the world, the company had developed a value added system. Thus, from the very first step of developing business contact till it reaches its buyer addressing his/her personalized requirement, we provide our best service to our customers.

Our Vision

Born in the island of spices: Sri Lanka, to provide the best quality spices to the world, whilst surpassing customer expectations, in order to be a renowned and a trustworthy spices exporter.

Why choose

Reasons to choose Sri Lankan Spices

Unique Aroma

Ceylon Cinnamon and other spices are well known for their rich aromas.

Rich Flavor

Ceylon spices are used in many food items to add flavor.


Ceylon spices are differentiated in their taste and fragrance.

High Quality

Ceylon spices are grown and processed with great care.
Wattakgoda Spices
A renowned name in the international spices market, Watttakgoda Spices has kept your trust for more than four decades, especially as an exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon, since the turn of the millennium.. In addition to the prestigious history, the company is certified for its excellence as a spice processor with its ISO 22000 certification. In addition to our main buying offices in Akuressa and Hittatiya, we will soon be opening our own buying centers in the southern province of Sri Lanka.

History of

Wattakgoda Spices

A renowned name in the Ceylonese spices export field, Wattakgoda Spices own a history that dates back to 1972. Founded by the late Mr. W M Sumathipala as a local business, Wattakgoda Spices has currently acquired the world market, in its prestigious history of four decades.

Establishing links with worldwide spices market, Wattakoga Spices expanded its business in year. Known to be a major Ceylon Cinnamon exporter in Sri Lanka, the head office, the store complex and workshops of Wattakgoda Spices function in the city of Akuressa in the Matara district,150 km south of Colombo.

The secret of the success of Wattakgoda Spices is the value added system developed by the company, in order win its way in the international market. As a major exporter of Ceylon Cinnamon in Sri Lanka, Wattakgoda Spices specially select and carefully packed consignment of Ceylon cinnamon for its voyage to Europe. Some of the other major exporters of Wattakgoda Spices are: Cloves, Black Pepper, cardamom, Grainier ring (goraka) and coffee.



Our spices are certified for best quality