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“Food” is not only what takes your hunger away, but also an essential need for your well-being. Everyone of us likes to have tasty food, and when its aroma spreads in the air, the aroma itself makes our tummy feel full.

In order to enhance the aroma of the food, along with its flavour, “Spices” play a major role. Nonetheless, according to the scholars, even to bring your health and well-being to the next level, spices should be added to your meals regularly. Not to forget is that the different flavours in spices make it easier to avoid the use of unhealthy ingredients such as salt, sugar, and added fat.

However, a fact to consider is to add the right amount of spices to the food to make it tasty. The other way around will result in a bitter food experience.

Born in the “Land of Spices”: Sri Lanka, Wattakgoda Spices brings you the world of Spices through exporting Ceylon Cinnamon, Cloves, Areca nut, Plack Pepper, Cardamom, Nutmeg & Mace.


Ceylon Cinnamon

Crowned as the “King” of spices, Cinnamon is known not only because it is the oldest known spice, but also because it is great for the health. In addition to the low in calories and sugar-free nature of cinnamons, the lab tests by scholars had proven that Cinnamon fights bacteria. Moreover, cinnamon protect from the medical conditions regarding the brain or nervous system, such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease. A variety of cinnamon types is available to buy and they slightly different from the flavor as well from the different volatile oil content it possesses.

Areca nut

Areca nut, the fruit of the areca palm is both used in fresh and dry forms. Used in the traditional Chinese medicine, Areca nut also has a customary role in the south Asian countries, where the people chew betel leaves along with areca nut. Moreover, areca nut is used in the veterinary medicine to remove tapeworms and other intestinal parasites of animals.

Nonetheless, Areca nut can be used against certain skin diseases and also in the metabolic system as a digestive and carminative Anti-diabetic.


Black Pepper

Used both as a medicine and a spice, Black pepper is a readily available spice in any household. Dated back to centuries, black pepper is used to preserve food due to its antibacterial properties. Nonetheless, black pepper serves as an anti-inflammatory agent. Rich in minerals such as potassium and calcium, Black pepper can be used to improve digestion and to treat asthma, sinus and nasal congestion. Not to forget the great news: Black pepper helps in weight loss.


Available in both sweet and savory flavours, Cardamom is one of the spices that are used specially to soothe an upset stomach. Moreover, Cardamom possesses the power to fight inflammation and lower the blood pressure. On top of all, Cardamom helps to prevent the growth of the cancer cells.

Especially high in minerals like magnesium and zinc, cardamom has a light lemon flavor. Either they can be used as a whole pod or the seeds of the cardamom can be made it to a powder.



Cloves, which is also used as a spice and a medicine, is often found in the manufacturing of toothpaste, cosmetics, soaps, and, perfumes. Containing chemicals which help to decrease pain and fight infections, cloves can be used for food flavouring as well. Especially used when cooking meats and curries, cloves provide an aesthetic appeal.

Nonetheless, cloves are used for medications to slow down the blood clotting. Here is the good news: Cloves can treat acne while promoting youthful skin.



A popular flavor specially used in baking and to make beverages, Nutmeg is often heard with hearty dishes such as lamb and mutton recipes and vegetable stews. Providing a warm and a spicy aroma, nutmeg can be used to create both a sweet and a savoury taste in the food you make.

Mostly used to scent soaps and perfumes, sometimes n ointment of nutmeg can be used as a treatment of rheumatism as well.



The lacy covering of the nutmeg is known as the “mace” and it is not much popular as the “nutmeg”. However, mace too serves as a spice. The mace blades, which are located outside the mace can be removed and dried for culinary purposes. Though it is much similar to the taste of the nutmeg, mostly, mace is delicate in taste than the nutmeg. More or less a savoury spice, mace is mainly used to make baked goods, meat and stews.

However, since mace cannot be cooked for long as it gives a bitter taste, it is advised to add mace towards the end of the cooking.